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Access to Karpathos Island

There are two ways to access our island. 

 By ferry. From the ports of Piraeus, Heraklion, Sitia and Rhodes.

 By plane. Direct flights from Athens, Rhodes.

Collaborating hotels that will offer additional discounts to all participants and their families.

Rented cars that will also have additional discounts for participants and their families.

Restaurants that will offer discount coupons.

Α Few Words About Beautiful Karpathos Karpathos

Οne of the Dodecanese islands is located at the southeastern tip of Greece. There are indications that it was inhabited as early as 2500 BC. From antiquity, the people of the island took a daring part in wars, dating from the side of the Spartans in the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC). The island is referred to by Homer, Pliny and others.

The land is mountainous and rocky, but the popular bays of the eastern coast are well-sheltered from the prevailing winds. The scenery looks like an uncolored painted picture, with semi-transparent blues towards the sea and tints of ochre on the cliffs and steep rocks. The weather in Karpathos is mainly sunny and warm, with average summer temperatures of 29 C (85º F).


Olympos, the most traditional spot of the island, gives the feeling of a living folklore museum. Its language, traditional costumes and architecture make it an attraction of thousands of visitors every year.

The island of Karpathos also hosts sporting activities such as mountain running, mountain biking, rock climbing, scuba diving, wind surfing.

Karpathos has more than 100 fantastic beaches, many of them awarded and internationally renowned.

Naturally, our island offers excellent food with many traditional dishes.

We look forward to seeing you experience our beautiful island!

Municipality Of Karpathos Island , Tourism Committee

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