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Proclamation of a Race on a Public Road in Karpathos

Karpathos, 23/03/2023
No. 00000

Κάρπαθος, 5 Ιουνίου 2023

The County of Karpathos and H.N. Kassos, the Athletic Association of GAS Menetones and Volunteer Teams announce the Race on the Public Road of Karpathos in 2023. The race will be held under the following terms:

  1. DATE: Saturday 4 June 2023.

2. LOCATION: Municipality of Karpathos.

3. ROUTE: Along the central beach of Pigadia, with a view of the sea and the centre of the island. Start & Finish: COUNTY BUILDING SQUARE.

4. Distances - Categories - Ages:

9.000μAGES 12 AND UP
5.000μAGES 12 AND UP

5. Participation Rules:

Athletes and athletes belonging to Athletic Associations, free practitioners and individual runners have the right to participate in the races.
The right to participate in the 9km and 5km races will be given to those who have completed their 16th year of age. For all runners under 18 years of age, the "Accept & Continue" option is required during the registration process of the minor runner with the consent of one of their guardians. In the 1km race students of up to 11 years old have the right to participate. The prerequisite for the participation of minors in the race is the selection of "Accept & Continue" during the registration process with the consent of one of their guardians.

6. Race Pack:

Bag, running shirt, race number with chip, participation medal, water and isotonic in the route, bananas, cereal bars, hotel and restaurant discounts.

Entry Fees

EntryIndividualDiscount for Teams of 4 or more people
9,000m route15,00 €Discount -15%
10,000m route12,00 €Discount -15%
10,000m route8,00 €Discount -15%

6. Registrations:

Registrations for participation must be made through the link no later than Friday, May 25, 2023, at 12:00, in order to give the Organizing Committee time to construct the automatic timing (chip) of the participants. After this deadline, registrations will be made 2 hours before the start of the race at the starting point.

7. Participant Safety:

Participating runners, by selecting "Accept & Continue" during the registration process, they declare that: "they have been examined by a doctor, are healthy and participate at their own exclusive risk and that the organizers have absolutely no responsibility for anything that may befall them and are liable for lack of medical examination".

All runners participate in the race with EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY OF THEIR OWN. The organizers bear no responsibility for issues concerning the health of the participants and are not liable for lack of preventive, medical check-up. For children participating, their guardians have exclusive responsibility.

8. Refreshment Points:

Along the route there will be refreshment stations for the runners.

9. Electronic Timing - Results:

All Races will be electronically timed and the results will be calculated and published in real-time by an official timing company. Electronic control and timing mats will be placed:

  • 9,000m Road Race: at the start, at the turnaround points, and at the finish.
  • 5,000m Road Race: at the start, at the turnaround points, and at the finish.
  • Competitors who do not show electronic indication at the above mentioned points will be disqualified from the races.

10. Awards:

The prize of a participation pedal will be awarded for all runners who complete the race.
The prize of a medal will be awarded to the first three Men's and Women's general classification of every race.
The prize of a medal will be awarded to the first three Men's and Women's per age classification of every race.


✓ Competitors will carry the number on the chest rather than the back, to facilitate the task of timing.

✓ In competitions, what is not provided for in the announcement, will be regulated by the Race Manager, according to.

12. Competitions Manager

Mr. Ioannidis Georgios has been appointed as the Manager of the Competition, collaborating with the sponsors and volunteers who will participate.

13. Medical Coverage of the Race

The organizers will ensure the presence of a doctor and an ambulance throughout the duration of the races.


  • Υπεύθυνη δήλωση συμμετοχής ΑΝΗΛΙΚΟΥ
  • Υπεύθυνη δήλωση συμμετοχής ΕΝΗΛΙΚΟΥ
  • Ομαδική δήλωση
  • Χάρτης Διαδρομής

Για την Οργανωτική Επιτροπή

Ο Έπαρχος Καρπάθου – Κάσου Ο Πρόεδρος του ΓΑΣ Μενετών


Saturday 4th June 2023 – Karpathos

18:009,000 Meter RaceFor all categories
18:155,000 Meter RaceFor all categories
17:001,000 Meter RaceCHILDREN'S STRUGGLE

The Schedule is subject to change after the deadline of the registration.